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Lunes a Sabado : 12:30 am a 10:00 pm 
Domingo :12:30 am a 07:00 pm

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We present you the mantra market!
A space where you can find products of Hindu origin at the best price with the quality that only mantra can offer you.


Mantra is an intimate, Indian chef-owned Restaurant & Bar located in the vibrant Miraflores neighborhood. An exotic blend of fragrant food, rich culture ambiance and a top service, makes it a favorite among locals as well as visitors.

Enjoy the delicacies of Indian gastronomy, in the hands of chef, Mr Jay Patel and staff. 

Its been 10 years since we established in Lima the first and only delivery and catering service of Indian food, serving a large number of clients, embassies, foreign and national companies, government members and the public in general.

We welcome you to both our beautifully decorated locals in the same district, wether its for Fine Dinning in Benavides Avenue or Indian Bistro at Tarata Street. We are open for lunch & dinner seven days a week.

Come and celebrate with us, 10 years of exquisite food, warm hospitality and excellent service! …

Mantra ~ Indian cuisine ~


​Designed by

Chef Jay Patel,

Our menu selections will delight the eye and the palette. Dinner and Lunch are available.

Book now for Schedule, navigation or reservation.


Av. Alfredo Benavides 1761.

Miraflores - Lima - Perú

( Reff : frente Starbucks & Chillis )